Our Causes

Here are our all upcoming causes!

Humanitarian Aid for Refugees in Goma, DRC

  • Raised: $1000
  • Goal: $80000

To provide essential aid and improve living conditions for over 60,000 refugees in Goma, DRC, who are currently without food, clean water, and shelter due to ongoing conflict.


We need to drink pure water

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $60000

Drinking pure water is essential for maintaining good health and preventing waterborne diseases. Unfortunately, access to clean drinking water remains a challenge for many people around the world, particularly in developing countries.


We need plates and meals

  • Raised: $500
  • Goal: $50000

In Goma, a city that often sees an influx of refugees due to ongoing conflicts and natural disasters in the region, there is a pressing need for basic supplies, among them, plates for meals.